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With a highly talented team of Swiss based consultants, global financial partners, asset managers and operational analysts. Our principle is built around a single purpose – to meet and exceed your expectations in every way


 Company Details

Registered Name  SWFinvestguide Financial Services Inc.
Registered Address  Avenue Louis-Casai 50, CH 1216 Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland
Company Registration Number  CH-660.2243929.8
Place of Registration  Switzerland
VAT Registration Number  CHE-146.181.993


Our Advantage
By serving members' needs for years, SWFinvestguide Financial Services Inc. has developed an advanced investing process imitated by many but duplicated by none. The result is a comprehensive approach that delivers tailored financial programs aimed at building and preserving wealth for all types of our members or investors.
Our competitive advantage lies in continuous, in-depth research and extensive knowledge of financial markets. With associates in offices throughout Europe, North America, Africa and the Asia/Pacific region, we have impact on the financial management industry in every region our clients and shareholders call home.

Our Expertise is Tested by World-Class Clients
Through approaches and expertise used by some of the world's largest and most successful investors, we offer financial plans of all sizes the power to help build financial security. Our clients include prominent domestic and foreign funds, large multi-national companies and individuals like you.

Global Distribution Alliances
SWFinvestguide delivers its programs by joining forces with some of the leading financial service organizations throughout the world. These strategic alliances allow SWFinvestguide to provide financial expertise within a program tailored for our members in each region. Our people in local offices around the world share their knowledge with those elsewhere. For example, our Hong Kong based analysts exchange ideas with the teams in North America and the UK, ensuring our analysis is rigorously scrutinized. Not only do we conduct analysis by region but we also undertake research on a global sector basis. In doing so, we seek to make the most of our local knowledge.

About Us

Who we are

SWFinvestguide is one of the world's most dynamic financial management vehicle. Whether you are a Regular, Premium or Executive investor, you can benefit from the size, stability, and experience that we offer.  Read More

Why invest with us

Find out why SWFinvestguide offers you real value. Our unique advantage and guiding principles.  Read More

Our pledge to clients

Know what to expect when you entrust your hard-earned money to an institution founded on investor-first principles.  Read More

Seminars and training sessions
We organize seminars for our members and the general public in different countries. We're your source for world-class professional investment training that is designed to educate you on relevant issues and equip you with the skills and competencies you need to drive results. 
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Referral program
Refer new members to our program and you’ll receive a 3% bonus of their deposits every 30 days.   Read More


Our Team

We work hard to recruit and
retain the brightest individuals
for our teams

Our ability to make smart, fast, successful financial decisions is based on the exceptional quality of our staff. Intellectual capital is our biggest investment.

With SWFinvestguide you are served by the most exceptional people in the financial industry. Every day, our employees do everything they can to meet your needs.
After all, we're client-owned. SWFinvestguide financial teams are also online members—a fact that makes our team all the more dedicated to pursuing excellence in everything they do.

Employing a capable, dedicated, and diverse team is an important way we provide a high level of service to you. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our team reflect the diversity of our clients—and make us that much better at exceeding their expectations.